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Did you know that fresh garlic is better than clove garlic? Clove garlic actually refers to garlic peeled and then crushed into tiny pieces, while fresh raw garlic has not been crushed or peeled. Both forms of garlic can be used interchangeably, the flavor of fresh garlic tends to be much more pungent than the flavor clove of garlic. In fact, many chefs would choose fresh garlic over clove garlic because they think it imparts flavor different ways  and makes their food taste better so there is a real difference .


Fresh garlic tastes different

It’s true that clove garlic tastes stronger than fresh garlic. This is because of a chemical process that occurs when garlic is dried or stored for long periods of time. The drying and storage process causes garlic to form allicin, which gives it its strong taste. Fresh garlic doesn’t contain allicin, so it has a milder flavor. However, there are ways to get around that if you want to make your food extra garlicky .The best method mince your fresh garlic into small pieces and let it sit for 10 minutes before cooking with it; by letting it sit, you allow the allicin to form and give your food an extra kick of flavor. Or, you can use freshly minced garlic in sauces and dressings—it won’t be as potent as dried or jarred varieties but will still add some zing to your meal.

The texture of fresh garlic

Many people believe that peeled cloves tastes more strongly of garlic than fresh garlic does. However, when you compare allium sativum, which is widely available in grocery stores around North America, to A. sativum ophioscorodon—the type of garlic flavor found in grocery stores in China—you’ll find that fresh garlic has a stronger flavor than cloves from a culinary perspective. This isn’t necessarily surprising considering how fresh produce almost always tastes better than canned or dried alternatives. The reason for this difference is simple: fresh garlic contains less water than clove garlic and therefore has a higher concentration of oils. Additionally, fresh garlic doesn’t have as much fiber as its counterpart, so it breaks down faster and makes its way into your bloodstream faster. The result? You get more immediate benefits and are less likely to experience side effects like heartburn or indigestion it can also irritate the digestive tract. 

When to use each

When  cooking garlic in a recipe, either fresh or clove can be used. Here are two recipes that highlight each type of garlic Fresh Garlic and White Wine Pasta Sauce and Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper and Fresh Garlic Sauce. Both are delicious and healthy options for your family! While there isn’t a huge difference between fresh garlic and clove garlic, there are some differences worth noting: *Clove garlic tends to have a more pungent flavor than fresh garlic *Clove garlic tends to have larger cloves *Clove garlic has a shorter shelf life (about 3 months) when compared to fresh (about 6 months) *Fresh garlic can be stored at room temperature, while clove must be refrigerated. For these reasons, it is often better to use fresh over clove when cooking or using raw in dishes like salads. 

Health benefits of fresh garlic

Fresh garlic is more potent. Fresh cloves contain 10 times more allicin, a powerful compound with disease-fighting and boost the immune system, than their dried and powdered counterparts, it also reduces  chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and lower blood pressure levels . To get these health benefits, you’ll want to consume one fresh clove at least four times per week—or in other words,   a teaspoon of garlic powder. (The equivalent amount in dried form would be a 1/4 teaspoon.) You can use it raw or cooked to achieve this garlic benefits. If you don’t have time to mince it yourself, the good option is to look for prepared fresh garlic sold in jars or plastic bags near the place where the products are sold. the best choice is to consider supplementing your diet with garlic capsules; check your local health food store for brands that are certified organic and free of additives like sulfur dioxide.

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How Fresh Garlic is Better than Clove Garlic

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