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If you’re anything like me, when you think of the rubber plant (Ficus elastica), you picture the dull-looking houseplant sitting in the corner of your local grocery store’s floral department, if you notice it at all.  I never thought about rubber plants until I started writing this article, but now that I know about the health benefits of rubber plants.

It seems ludicrous that I didn’t give them more credit sooner. And who says plants can’t do things? Read on to learn the amazing uses and benefits of rubber plant and why the rubber plant should be your next investment. home or office can be a suitable place to place rubber plants because they require little maintenance.


  1. Improves concentration
    The rubber plant is a fantastic, versatile little potted houseplant that is great to use in any corner of your home because of its little care. The aptly named rubber plant isn’t just a pretty face though; it’s also loaded with some amazing health benefits. 

Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually two different plants known as rubber plants. One is native to South America and can be found growing wild in tropical rainforests from Brazil to Colombia, while another species originates from India but can now be found growing around homes all over Southeast Asia.

  1. Relieves stress
    The rubber plant is known as one of nature’s most potent stress-relief tools, with some saying that even sitting in front of a rubber plant helps lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. And when we’re under stress, our immune systems can be compromised.

 So it makes sense to do what you can to relieve your daily tension by surrounding yourself with a pretty indoor plant that naturally produces oxygen. These benefits aren’t just psychological; they are physical and physiological as well.

 A few studies have shown that placing plants throughout an office setting improves productivity and creativity, but there’s more to it than just improving work performance.

  1. Energizes
    The rubber plant grows throughout much of Southeast Asia and can grow to be quite tall, up to 12 feet. It gets its name from being one of the few plants that produce natural latex, similar to rubber.

This latex is a great source of hydrocarbon-based compounds known as monoterpenes. These boost our energy levels by increasing oxygen in our blood while also helping fight fatigue, enabling us to feel more energetic after long periods without sleep or rest.

 If you find yourself with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), consider investing in a rubber plant—they’re reported to help improve symptoms, Improve mood.

  1. Improves sleep
    If you have trouble sleeping, try putting a rubber plant in your bedroom. If its scent has a calming effect on you, it may improve sleep quality and help you rest better. Additionally, some people find that a rubber plant can reduce anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation in stressful situations.

The presence of one might even make you feel like a more confident person. And the best thing is that rubber plant requires low maintenance which is a great option if you do not have much time and a  lot of maintenance dedicated to the plant. They require little water and moderate sunlight, they don’t require any special fertilization, and they are tolerable to different types of light levels.

If the rubber plant’s leaves begin to turn yellow it means you are overwatering. There are no common problems that you can face during the growing season as long as you are watering correctly. The good thing about rubber plants is that you can make a lot of rubber plants by cutting its stem and tipping them into a small pot with moist soil. Another growing tip is deep in the root growth hormone.

  1. Boosts memory and brain function
    It’s true that you should never judge a book by its cover, but it’s also true that something can be beautiful on both the outside and inside. In fact, rubber plants are so much more than just pretty faces, they also have powerful healing properties.

 That’s right; although many don’t know it, rubber plants can actually boost your memory and brain function. The plant’s leaves contain an ingredient called germanium sesquioxide, which helps to improve memory recall. And if improving your mental capacity wasn’t enough, another health benefit of rubber plant is that they also reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure due to their ability to cleanse toxins from our bodies.

Some African cultures believe brings good luck. So go ahead and give your mind some exercise with these fascinating facts about one of Mother Nature’s most underrated beauties.

  1. Natural deodorizer
    The rubber plant’s sharp, minty smell can mask unpleasant odors in your home. Having one near your kitchen or bathroom sink is a great way to keep stinky smells under control.

Just remember to keep it watered often the rubber plant is very sensitive to dry soil. Don’t let its cute appearance fool you; it’s a tough cookie. It also makes an excellent houseplant for people with pet allergies and respiratory issues like asthma. If someone in your household suffers from these ailments, try placing a rubber plant by their bedside for extra protection at night.

It helps purify air a study clean air study done by NASA shows that indoor plants help clean air. While there are many plants that purify the air and reduce allergens, rubber plant is the best. Although no study has been done to show how effective rubber plants are in removing skin rashes people use them to treat affected areas.

  1. Eliminates bad odors
    When it comes to eliminating bad odors in a living room and making your living space beautiful and natural, no other plant is as effective as rubber plants. The secret behind their potent odor-eliminating abilities lies in their leaves; they contain an essential oil called volatile oleoresin that effectively banishes unpleasant smells.

 If your house or apartment has a persistent odor, consider investing in one or two rubber plants and make sure you are doing the correct rubber plant care. They’re not only attractive indoor plants but also serve as powerful air purifiers and are good for oxygen production compared with other plants.

The natural smell makes them ideal for rooms where you spend a lot of time (like your bedroom), while their ability to absorb toxic gases and pollutants means they can be placed anywhere in your home without worrying about contamination. Rubber fig produces flowers like other plants in the fig family.

But it does not seem to attract pollinators. Plus, since they are so easy to maintain and grow quickly, you’ll have plenty of time left over for more important things like taking care of family and friends or enjoying yourself by indulging in hobbies like reading books or playing video games.  

Many people prefer rubber plant with large leaves  because it is more effective as compared with rubber plant with small leaves

  1. Purifies indoor air
    Aside from exuding an eerie beauty, one of the rubber plant’s benefits is that it functions as a purifier. It is good to double-check the environment for good air but the rubber plant does everything for you in purifying.

Since these plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis, they make great additions to indoor spaces and reduce air pollution. If you’re growing a rubber plant indoors, pay special attention to lighting and watering requirements so that your little friend doesn’t wither away.

To help keep your rubber plant healthy, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or drafts, which could cause leaf burn or leaf drop. Indirect sunlight is best. A lot of people are allergic to pollen grains rubber plant has no allergic properties which can lead to health issues, so feel free to grow it.

It produces white sap, this milky white material is very poisonous to people and animals like dogs so beware of toxic rubber trees.

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